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Data Automation Solutions

Data Automation

Sigma’s Data Automation Solution practice was developed to help companies automate and manage the data they currently are utilizing spreadsheets for.

The average user of Microsoft Office utilizes less than 20% of its power and capabilities. The number one productivity tool for businesses is highly under-utilized. When you consider that many of your employees spend the majority of their time working in office products – especially Excel – you have to ask if opportunities exist for dramatic process improvement. Sigma Solutions can deliver on those opportunities by utilizing the remaining 85%.

Our Data Automation teams have a unique skill sets to help companies fully utilize the resources they already own and they currently under-utilize. The members of our team have backgrounds in accounting, finance, tax and software development. This means when you allow us to serve you by solving a process problem with technology, we speak the business language that you speak. From technical subject matters such as FIN48, pricing, financial reporting, Effective Tax Rates, consolidation processes to budgeting and forecasting. That allows us to quickly understand the problem and create a solution.

Microsoft Office products contain a common development environment called Visual Basic for Applications, or VBA. Through the use of VBA and the ‘canned’ functionality you’re already using, we allow the Office products to perform the non-value-added tasks you’re accustomed to performing manually. This happens in a fraction of the time. Cycle time reductions of 40 hours to 15 minutes and 20 days to four hours are not uncommon.